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Faculty at a glance

Foto: Fabian Stürtz

The Cologne Faculty of Law, one of the largest and richest in tradition in Germany, was already a special faculty when it was founded in 1388, as it was the first faculty to teach Roman law alongside canonical (ecclesiastical) law from the very beginning.
To this day, teaching and research cover a broad spectrum: from the basics of law to all socially relevant areas.

Fakultät in Zahlen

Stand 2017/18:

Institute/Forschungseinrichtungen: 56

Graduiertenschulen: 1

Jean-Monet-Lehrstuhl: 1

Universitätspreise: 5   
Zukunftspreise: 6               

Fachspezifische Preise & Ehrungen (2018): 19


ProfessorInnen: 40

Wissenschaftliches Personal: 248

Personal in Technik und Verwaltung: 55

Studiengänge: 10

Studierende: 5.337

AbsolventInnen: 466 

Promotionen: 68


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